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We are proud to release JustTLC 4.7 The new version improves an already appreciated software that has been used in more than 150 published articles with new discoveries within a variety of scientific fields across our globe. We think that JustTLC unlocks your creativity with its simple user interface and powerful analysis and export functionality. Enjoy a free upgrade for all JustTLC 4.x users too. Download today and get access to one of the best TLC analysis tools on the market. more...


JustTLC now available on Microsoft Store We are proud to increase the availability of JustTLC even more by offering it on Microsoft Store. In the continuously evolving software industry we want to be at the forefront of technology, enabling easy access to JustTLC. Get JustTLC from Microsoft Store by simply clicking on the button in the left menu. more...


Today we released JustTLC 4.6 The new version contains bug fixes and some small but important improvements. Despite the current situation in the world we continue to evolve our products and support our customers. more...