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JustTLC now available on Microsoft Store We are proud to increase the availability of JustTLC even more by offering it on Microsoft Store. In the continuously evolving software industry we want to be at the forefront of technology, enabling easy access to JustTLC. Get JustTLC from Microsoft Store by simply clicking on the button in the left menu. more...


Today we released JustTLC 4.6 The new version contains bug fixes and some small but important improvements. Despite the current situation in the world we continue to evolve our products and support our customers. more...


Say hello to JustTLC 4.5 The new release includes a brand new batch mode and awesome export capabilities among many new improvements. Instantly export your project into a compelling document with plate images, graphs and data tables. Pick your favorite export format such as PDF or Word document. The batch mode enables JustTLC to create a complete analysis of up to 50 plates including exporting the result to e.g. a PDF document without a single click in the user interface. more...


More than one hundred universities and companies around the globe as clients During the beginning of 2013 Sweday reached yet another milestone in its success story. Now, Sweday has more than one hundred paying universities and companies using JustTLC. Check out our list of clients here. more...


Many new publications based on JustTLC during 2012 There have been many new publications based on image analysis results obtained using JustTLC during 2012. The publications span a wide range of scientific areas such as anticancer research, bioanalytical chemistry and environmental microbiology. more...