JustTLC 4.7 released

Today we are proud to release JustTLC 4.7. The new version contains many both big and small neat improvements.

The goal with the new release has been to add some additional flexibility to our appreciated Lane Analysis functionality as well as improve the project export functionality.

We have improved the background compensation for lane analysis. It is also possible to finetune the background compensation according to specific needs. We have also added real-time feedback during band editing to enable guidance of where to place the boundaries using the graph overlay available through the imaging pane on plate analysis.

Another area of improvements have been the project export. It is now possible to create even more nice PDF:s of your projects to share or use as quick summaries of analysis results.

The list of improvements is long and we believe that JustTLC will be even more appreciated as a great companion during your scientific experiments unlocking new discoveries and promoting creativity.

Learn more about the release here...


JustTLC now available on Microsoft Store

Today JustTLC became available on Microsoft Store, marking a new major milestone in the successful story for JustTLC. Simply click on the button in the left menu to get JustTLC.

"We are proud to increase the availability of JustTLC even more by offering it on Microsoft Store. In the continuously evolving software industry we want to be at the forefront of technology, enabling easy access to JustTLC. Over the years, JustTLC has become a loved and popular image analysis software for thin layer chromatography (TLC)," says Gustav Träff, founder of Sweday.

"Many scientists and professionals depend on on its accurate and quick image analysis for ground breaking organic chemistry research. Today, JustTLC has been used in a wide range of applications such as food, health care, herbal drugs, forensics and biotechnology. JustTLC is one of few options for quantitative analysis of TLC that is used across a wide range of hardware solutions from multiple vendors in many parts of the world. We look forward to new and exciting opportunities with the increased availability," he continues.


JustTLC 4.6 released

Today we released JustTLC 4.6. The new version contains bug fixes and some small but important improvements.

"We continue to deliver new software and bring new experiences to the market despite current situation in the world. Our customers should feel confident that we stand strong and have great endurance," says Gustav Träff, founder of Sweday.


Say hello to JustTLC 4.5

The new release includes a brand new batch mode and awesome export capabilities among many new improvements. Instantly export your project into a compelling document with plate images, graphs and data tables. Pick your favorite export format such as PDF or Word document. The batch mode enables JustTLC to create a complete analysis of up to 50 plates including exporting the result to e.g. a PDF document without a single click in the user interface.

"We have become the defacto standard for fast, simple and reliable TLC analysis. JustTLC 4.5 is yet another milestone where we include many features that simplify the daily life for our scientists and reasearchers around the globe using the software," says Gustav Träff, founder of Sweday.

"We show our comittment to the reasearch community by releasing JustTLC 4.5 for free for all owners of JustTLC 4.0 and later versions. If your lab invests in JustTLC it is our goal to make it the best experience and most affordable alternative on the market," he continues.

Here are some of the highlights in JustTLC 4.5

  • Suppot for high dpi screens making the UI more crisp and sharp.
  • Run JustTLC in batch mode with command line arguments.
  • JustTLC can analyze up to 50 plates in one batch without a single click in the UI.
  • Export analysis result to pdf or word documents.
  • Support for lane analysis with automatic band count detection in batch mode.

Batch mode example:

  • Windows key + R then type in cmd and click on the "Ok" button.
  • In the command window do:
  • > cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Sweday\JustTLC\"
  • For lane analysis with automatic band detection:
  • > Sweday.TLC.Desktop.exe Plate 1 "Sample Project\Plate.jpg" Development Standard Analysis LaneAnalysis LaneCount 3 BandSizePercentageOfLane 10 BandVolumePercentageOfMax 5


More than one hundred universities and companies around the globe as clients

During the beginning of 2013 Sweday reached yet another milestone in its success story. Now, Sweday has more than one hundred paying universities and companies using JustTLC. Check out our list of clients here.

"We are growing rapidly and it is amazing to see how JustTLC is becoming the de facto analysis tool for Thin Layer Chromatography in both research and quality assurance. We continue to collect feedback and constantly innovate, improve, perfectionate and push the boundaries for chromatography based analysis. We are truly establishing a new standard of cost effective and reliable analysis method for organic compounds," says Gustav Träff, founder of Sweday.


Many new publications based on JustTLC during 2012

There have been many new publications based on image analysis results obtained using JustTLC during 2012. The publications span a wide range of scientific areas such as anticancer research, bioanalytical chemistry and environmental microbiology.

"We are very happy to see the final result from our ambitious work with JustTLC. It is of great importance that our clients get reliable and useful data from their TLC analysis experiments. All the publications is an acknowledgment of the endless possibilities that JustTLC gives the science community. We will continue to improve, add features and deliver the ultimate analysis tool for thin layer chromatography data mining," says Gustav Träff, founder of Sweday.


Amazing new image analysis algorithms for lane samples in JustTLC 4.0

Today Sweday announced the release of JustTLC 4.0 which includes new and amazing image analysis algorithms for lane samples supporting bent lanes. It includes wonderful illustration capabilities of lanes for direct comparison using lane profiles and automatic matching of lanes and bands across plates for simple and straightforward data comparison.

"We have worked tremendously hard during 2012 to deliver something very special and amazing. JustTLC is not not only packed with the best spot detection and quantification, but also has one of the most sophisticated lane detection and quantification algorithms available. It even detects bent lanes and adjust seamlessly to misaligned images", says Gustav Träff, founder of Sweday

"We have also been able to add automatic matching of lanes and bands, even across multiple plates. There is also automatic and semiautomatic Rf value calibration with a few clicks, including direct and visually compelling feedback. The many new features in JustTLC truly makes it a fantastic tool for TLC plate analysis", he concludes.


JustTLC concluded to be the most sensitive analysis software

In a research study on image analysis software for the detection and quantitative evaluation of fluorescent compounds, JustTLC was concluded to be the most sensitive of all tested software. It was also seen that JustTLC showed very good linearity (r > 0.9952), high precision and accuracy.

"I am very glad that JustTLC achieved such good evaluation result in comparison with the other analytical TLC software on the market. We are committed to deliver the best image analysis results in combination with the best user experience and this tells us that we are doing exactly that", says Gustav Träff, founder of Sweday.

Four different image analysis software packages were applied and compared by the research team at the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Babeş-Bolyai University in Romania. In their publication "A Comparative Study Concerning The Image Analysis in Thin Layer Chromatography of Fluorescent Compounds" they give a detailed and thorough examination of the software. The image analysis methods were developed and validated for the simultaneous determination of quercetin and kaempferol in food supplements. The chromatographic separation used Silica gel 60 TLC plates as the stationary phase and carbon tetrachloride:acetone:formic acid (35:11:3, v/v/v) as the mobile phase. The plate images were recorded by a digital camera and imported in the image analysis software. The final results were validated by evaluating the linearity, precision, and accuracy of the methods used to quantify synthetic and real samples.


Gorgeous new user interface in JustTLC 3.5

Today Sweday announced the release of JustTLC 3.5 which includes more than 25 new features and improvements. The user interface has been completely remade and modernized to give you everything easily accessible without compromises.

“The user interface is fantastic and so simple to use that a user’s manual becomes superfluous. I am very glad that we have managed to give our customers what they have always longed for – A powerful and robust analysis tool without tedious and complicated user interface to get lost in", says Gustav Träff, founder of Sweday.

“We have added more than 25 major features and improvements yet made the software less in size and simpler to navigate. That is what I like. Take a look at just some of the additions from the long list and enjoy", he continues.

  • Region of interest to control analysis algorithms without needing to crop images.
  • Support for user defined color to grayscale conversion.
  • Contrast slider to dynamically alter contrast for displayed images on the fly.
  • Spot cloning to give new spots identical area and contour.
  • Undo/Redo complicated chains of changes.
  • Simultaneous highlight of spots in both spot table, graph and image.

"Without our feature requesting partners and customers this would not be possible. Thank you for contributing to our continued success and expansion," Gustav Träff concludes.

View the complete release notes here.


JustTLC 3.0 aids compliance with 21 CFR Part 11

Today Sweday announced the release of JustTLC 3.0. The new version aids compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 and makes it straightforward to achieve quality control on the complete analysis flow.

“It is very exiting to release JustTLC 3.0. We have had great success developing several new important features. At the same time we have optimized and fine tuned core functionality. JustTLC 3.0 is a fresh update to an already popular quantification tool,” says Gustav Träff, founder of Sweday.

“The user will experience significantly improved spot detection, more robust quantification and twofold analysis speed ups. We have increased accuracy in the background compensation algorithms. There is even a new image inspection tool making it easier than ever to really inspect your data. At the same time the whole analysis flow is placed under strict quality control in line with the requirements in 21 CFR Part 11. It is fantastic to see all these features package in a very attractive and user friendly suit,” Gustav Träff concludes.

View the complete release notes here.


Free web-based quantification tool online today

Today Sweday announced the release of JustQuantify Free 1.0. It is a completely free web-based quantification tool for TLC image analysis.

“I am very exited about the release of JustQuantify Free. It is a breakthrough for TLC analysis availability. We give away unrivalled quantification performance for free and it is fully accessible 24 h a day all year around. The scientists and students can focus their precious time on relevant measuring instead of tedious computer configuration tasks. Only one click away there is a very powerful analysis tool available. Could it be any easier?” says Gustav Träff, founder of Sweday.

About JustQuantify Free
JustQuantify Free is the web-based completely free thin layer chromatography (TLC) analysis tool that gives scientists the possibility to run chemistry experiments by using just TLC plates. JustQuantify Free requires no registration or installation and works on any operating system such as Windows, Linux or Apple. A simple and intuitive user interface makes it a simple task to complete the analysis within minutes at no expenses.

Access JustQuantify Free here.


Improved statistical reliability with JustTLC 2.6

Today Sweday announced the release of JustTLC 2.6. It improves the statistical reliability in experiments by enabling grouping and averaging of plates.

Focus has been on organization of data to enable grouping and averaging of plates. With a few simple clicks the plates are grouped and you can compare plate replicates. As a result the statistical reliability in the TLC experiment is significantly increased.

“This release is a major breakthrough on statistical analysis of TLC experiments. No other software on the market, which I know of, brings averaging and grouping of plates. It is a simple task to create replicates during chemistry experiments and now there is a tool for the data analysis as well. We bring good sciences to a very affordable price,” says Gustav Träff, founder of Sweday.

View the complete release notes here.


Sweday and AR2i partner to launch ChromEasy

Sweday and the French company AR2i partner to launch ChromEasy, a new product based on Sweday TLC analysis technology. ChromEasy will be launched in Europe primarily focusing on France and Germany.

“AR2i has been working with innovative devices for TLC analysis since 1994 and we are very proud that they have selected our technology for their new product. We believe AR2i will be an excellent partner for marketing, selling and distributing ChromEasy. It is an honour to have them as one of our partners,” says Gustav Träff, founder of Sweday.

“With ChromEasy another important step forward is taken to bring scientists a simple yet powerful tool for rapid screening of compounds. We have already received good response for ChromEasy and it will be very interesting to follow the progress during the rest of this year,” he concludes.

“In the autumn 2008, AR2i signed an agreement with Sweday to enter a new partnership in the area of Thin Layer Chromatography devices. The centerpiece of this technological collaboration is the development of a state-of-art TLC data system for numerization, imaging documentation and quantitation of TLC plates. ChromEasy matches perfectly with our scanner Chromimage®, and offers a high-quality solution for a comprehensive TLC analysis performed under 254nm wavelength and/or visible light,” says Christian Sarbach, founder of AR2i.

“AR2i appreciates the genuine and intuitive way of thinking of Sweday in developing user-friendly and effective software for TLC applications. This first project initiates new horizons of analytical challenges,” he concludes.

About AR2i
AR2i is specialized in conception and manufacturing of innovative devices in the field of Thin Layer Chromatography. The products are dedicated to TLC/HPTLC qualitative and quantitative analysis such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, herbal extracts, food and fats.

For more information about AR2i France please visit


JustTLC 2.5 released

Today Sweday announced the release of JustTLC 2.5. It improves usability and analysis throughput to help the chemist spend time on science instead of just measuring.

Among the new features you will find:

  • Simplified editing of spots and spot series.
  • Extended export functionality with CSV file format support.
  • Improved help documentation using PDF documents.

“We continue our efforts to improve one of the best TLC analysis software available on the market. With this release we have improve editing of spots and spot series, a central part of the TLC analysis. We have also improved the help documentation to make it easier to find information about different features. Common for the new features is that they strive for increased usability and improved analysis throughput. With each new software release the chemist will have more time to spend on science instead of just measuring,” says Gustav Träff, founder of Sweday.


Third JustTLC publication within a year

A paper using JustTLC was recently accepted for publication in the journal 'Carbohydrate Research'. It is the third publication within a year based on the work done by a research group at the Center for Organic Chemistry in Lund, Sweden.

“This work would never have been completed without JustTLC. We have increased our project throughput and allowed our self to try new things that we didn’t have time to do before. This project is a perfect example of why we employ JustTLC. It was partly done by a group of students that did the bulk measuring using JustTLC. The simple structure and ease of use made it possible for the students to do real science and not just a tailored experiment. I only wrapped it up after their great contribution,” says Richard Johnsson, one of the scientists behind the publication.

“We constantly see new possibilities with JustTLC and this is another strong example of how JustTLC can support good sciences. Not only did this research group find new clues about reductive openings of benzylidene acetals, they also engaged several students while doing it. Students will someday become the next key scientists discovering the nature of our world. If they get interested we all have a lot to gain”, says Gustav Träff, founder of Sweday.

To read the abstract and find out more about the publication please visit


Sweday exhibits JustTLC at the Organic Days 2008 Conference

At the 21st Organic Days 2008 Cconference, Sweday presented a poster and did a live demonstration of JustTLC in combination with an ordinary office scanner.

The poster was published together with the Center for Organic Chemistry in Lund, Sweden. It displayed findings based on two previously published articles and two different example setups for quantitative TLC analysis. During the conference a live presentation of JustTLC in combination with an ordinary office scanner was conducted. The demonstration showed how simple, intuitive and reliable quantitative compound analysis can be achieved in minutes rather than days if you use e.g. a HPLC setup.

“People were amazed by the simplicity and ease of use that the live demonstration with JustTLC showed. We brought all required equipment in a hand luggage sized suitcase and rigged it in less than five minutes. In yet another five minutes our first quantitative TLC analysis experiment was demonstrated and completed in front of the audience. I am almost amazed myself on how smoothly it all works”, says Gustav Träff, founder of Sweday.

“The response at the conference was a complete success and it encourages us to continue our revolutionary work on quantitative TLC analysis. Why stop your TLC analytics when you are merely minutes away from a quantitative method that just works?”, Gustav Träff concludes.

The Organic Days Conference (Organikerdagarna in Swedish) is the largest conference on organic chemistry in Sweden. It is an annual event where all major research laboratories meet during a three day session to lecture on their latest findings. This year it was held 9-12 June in Åhus, Sweden.

To download the poster please visit


New findings on acetals achieved by using JustTLC

The largest research unit for chemistry in Scandinavia, the Center for Organic Chemistry in Lund, Sweden, has published new findings on acetals based on experiments conducted with JustTLC. Acetals are important molecules both in nature and during e.g. organic synthesis.

“The experiments that lead to the published findings were not even possible to think of before we had JustTLC. Now, we can test new ideas at a much lower cost and higher throughput. It is easier, less error prone, more simple and straightforward to do quantitative compound analysis. We have done this research at twice the normal speed. This is a fundamental improvement when you do science like we do”, says Ulf Ellervik, associate Professor at The Center for Chemistry in Lund, Sweden.

“Yet again the power of JustTLC has been shown in a real world application. JustTLC is now becoming the obvious choice even at the most sophisticated and modern research lab. The laboratory that performed the acetal experiments was completely remade and upgraded during 2006. JustTLC integrated seamlessly and became a central part of the top modern arsenal in no time. We can only conclude that JustTLC reveals the true power of TLC analysis”, says Gustav Träff, founder of Sweday.

To read the abstract and find out more about the publication please visit


Increased TLC analysis throughput with JustTLC version 2.4

Sweday, which develops and sells advanced software for the chemistry research laboratory, launches a new version of JustTLC. The new version adds several must-have features that increase analysis throughput and data portability.

“We have been working hard to continue our successful launch of JustTLC and give our customers what they need to improve their analysis throughput. Now, it has paid off and we are proud to present the new version. It includes, among many features, a new intuitive navigation between plates, extended support for large scale projects and printing of e.g. graphs, spot data and plates,” says Gustav Träff, founder of Sweday.

“With several JustTLC downloads every week we have reached laboratories on almost every continent of the world. We continue to listen to every single customer and to improve our software in all possible aspects to give the chemist a powerful analysis tool at a very affordable cost,” he says.

“We are already a big provider of software tools for thin layer chromatography and will continue to expand our product range to meet new markets and demands,” Gustav Träff concludes.


Sweday signs partner agreement with Liponics Inc.

The Japanese company Liponics Inc. has chosen JustTLC from Sweday for all their customers’ TLC image analysis. Liponics Inc. will market, sell and distribute JustTLC in the Japanese market. JustTLC will be used together with their newly developed TLC image capturing tool, to give high performance and accurate analysis results.

“We have been searching for suitable TLC analysis software all over the world and finally found what we are looking for. JustTLC has a simple structure, high performance, outstanding reliability at a low cost. We are proud to introduce Japanese chemists to JustTLC and are certain that our collaboration with Sweday will give a very impressive tool,” says Mr Minoru Ogasawara, managing director of Liponics Inc.

“Liponics Inc. is a very skilled company with a thorough understanding of TLC image capturing and analysis. The scientists at Liponics Inc. have developed the premium machines for TLC analysis for decades. Now, they have come up with a perfect tool that meets the market expectations. It is an honour to provide them with the new generation of TLC analysis software that will revolutionize the role of TLC in chemistry experiments,” says Gustav Träff, founder of Sweday.

For more information about Liponics Inc. visit


JustTLC 2.0 Released

We are proud to present the latest version of JustTLC. Based on user feedback we have added a number of breathtaking features. Focus has been placed on improved data comparison and user interaction.

Among the new features you will find:

  • Improved data comparison using spot data grid and graphs.
  • Simplified user interface for improved interaction.
  • New spot volume normalization methods.
  • Zooming.
  • Spot contour editing.


Article evaluating JustTLC published in Jr. of Chromatography A

The article "Evaluation of quantitative thin layer chromatography using staining reagents, R Johnsson et al" was recently published and made electronically available via ScienceDirect. After several successful projects using JustTLC the final proof for its validity has now been made available to the public. The publication clearly shows what can be achieved with JustTLC.

The chemsitry division managed by Dr. Ulf Ellervik at Lund University in Sweden has done the research behind the article. They are very satisfied with the new software tool and plan to continue their interesting work with JustTLC.

The article was published in Journal of Chromatography A, Volume 1164, Issues 1-2, 2007, Pages 298-305. Read the abstract and find out more about the publication here.


JustTLC 1.1 Released

Today we released the next version of JustTLC, version 1.1. This version includes improvements that will speed up your work even more by reducing the amount of time spent on each plate.

The big improvements are:

  • More robust spot detection and quantification.
  • Spot detection speed up.


JustTLC 1.0 Released

After a very successful verification and validation period JustTLC moved from beta to final 1.0 release. We thank all our beta testers for their full engagement and support!

The chemist is now able to work at the forefront with TLC plates using JustTLC as the routine software tool for analyzing TLC plates. JustTLC makes it possible to accurately quantify substances in a reliable way. "It is an easy, fun and swift procedure to use JustTLC for TLC quantification.", says one of our users.